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Transform your current look with a new style or simply come in to get a trim. We specialize in all haircuts bobs, short length, medium length, and long.
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Wash & Blowout

When you get a professional wash and blowout, your hair style can last up to 3 days with proper care and attention. No need to use excessive heat tools throughout the week after one of our stylists gives you the blowout you’ve been waiting for.
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Permanent Waving

Is your hair lacking volume? Then a permanent wave treatment is for you! By adding a little wave to your current hair, your texture not only improves but you’ll now have volume for weeks! Say goodbye to curling irons and hello to mouse!
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Updo’s aren’t just for those getting married or going to prom, they’re perfect for all occasions – birthday celebrations, date night, girl’s night, clubbing, bridal shower, baby shower, holiday celebrations, reunions and even an interview. Let the professionals at Leslie K spice up your look so you turn heads all day and night!
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Men’s Haircuts

Whether you’re looking for a complete haircut or just edging, our stylists are ready to transform your hair. Specializing in mohawks, fades, edging, shag, flat top, buzz cut, long hair undercut, hard part, and scissor cut.
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Children’s Haircuts

Kids need style too! That’s why we love when you bring your child in for a new do. We welcome children of all ages at the Leslie K Salon.
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Single Process

When you come in for a single process, our color specialists at Leslie K Salon will help you even out your hair color, cover up gray hairs, and hide your regrowth (roots) with a single process color treatment. With a huge selection of hair color options, we will help you determine the best match for your skin tone and lifestyle.
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Adding dimension to your hair is a great way to spice up your look. When you come in for a foil treatment, we will work with you to decide if highlights or lowlights are right for you.
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Pop Color

Are you loving all the pastel and fun colors you’re seeing on celebrities? We love them too! For professional or personal reasons, you might not be sure that an all over color in bright pink or baby blue is right for you. A pop of color is the next best thing! We will use a small section of your hair to add a pop of color to your look. Choose from many shades and color combinations.
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It’s not every day that you have a chance to remove hangnails, shape your current nailbeds, massage your pressure points, exfoliate dead skin, or replace chipped polish. That’s what we are for! Schedule your manicure with Leslie K Salon and we’ll take care pampering your hands.
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Let’s face it, feet are not pretty! At least the feet that don’t see our pedicure bowls! When you come in for a Leslie K pedicure we will soak your feet in warm water, exfoliate dead skin, smooth calluses, trim toenails and give you fresh polish.
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Shellac is a great way to add color to your hails without getting fake nails. Shellac goes on and wears like polish but hardens as a gel for long-lasting wear. It’s perfect for anyone who puts their hands under strain throughout the week and doesn’t want chipped color.
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Are you an acrylic or gel false nail wearer? Then getting fills every two weeks is the name of the game! As your natural nail grows in and pushes the false nail out, we will help fill in the gap, so your nails look brand new without needing to get a new set.
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Eyebrows come in all shapes and sizes. Some are thin and some are thick. Some are short and some are long. Some are curved and others straight. Regardless of your style, the Leslie K stylists will help you remove unwanted hair, tame strays, and polish your shape so you look showstopping!
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Women don’t look as nice as a man with hair on their upper lip! Instead of shaving lip hair which can cause it to come in thick, wax it away.
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Do you have unwanted hair on your chin? You’re not alone! Many women grow hair on their face and trust in Leslie K to help remove it
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Let’s face it, under-arm hair can be a pain and shaving it sometimes causes shave rash. Not to mention, embarrassment if you miss a spot that’s exposed when you wear a short sleeve or tank top. At Leslie K, we will wax your under-arm hair away! Waxing this area allows so you eliminate unwanted hair for up to a month before it grows back.
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Our bridal packages are custom to each bride, please call for details.
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Getting your makeup professionally done for a night out or an event is a great way to experiment with different colors and a fresh new look. Our makeup application service is perfect for date night, birthday parties, weddings, prom, special occasions, reunions, or to get expert advice on application techniques.

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